European CIVIS Media Prize Online Jury 2014

The European CIVIS Media Prize Online Jury rocked the German capital during the last days. We are the jury to decide on the winners of the journalism prize dedicated to digital topics on integration and diversity issues.

with Michael Radix, Jörg Sadrozinski, Stephanie Neumann, Prof. Dr. Jo Groebel, Schiwa Schlei, Sonia Mikich, Dagmar Reuber, Sineb El Masrar, Kübra Gümüsay and Andreas Orth in Berlin.

A total of 709 programmes have been submitted for the European CIVIS Media Prize 2014 for Integration and Cultural Diversity. Media makers and broadcasting companies from all over Europe will be competing for Europe’s most important media prize for integration and cultural diversity. Once again programmes from 23 EU countries plus Switzerland are participating in the European CIVIS competition. The prize will be officially awarded on 8th of May in Berlin.

Quelle: European CIVIS Media Prize