Lost Space Exhibition

installation / photography / objects / video / sound
at João Cocteau, Kienitzer Straße 98, Berlin Neukölln 
Opening: March 27, 7pm – 11pm
Opening times: March 27 – 30, 2014, 3pm – 7pm

Curator: Susanne Lek (NL)
Artists: Penelope Vlassopoulou, Alessandra Senso, Marco Ristuccia, Julia Patey, Margarita Novikova, Stephanie Neumann, Carolin Kastner, Bram Braam, Rebecca Agnes.

Most cities have an amazing amount of vacant, unused land in its downtown core. Over the past few years, radically changing economic, industrial and employment patterns have further exacerbated the problem of these lost spaces. This is especially true along highways, rail road lines and waterfronts, where major gaps disrupt the overall continuity of the city form. However, lost spaces, although underused and deteriorating, provide exceptional opportunities to reshape an urban center and counteracts and suburbanization and gentrification.

Lost in Space 

As Stephanie Neumann is one of the rare Berliners who were actually born in Berlin she presents a series of photographs showing how her personal lost spaces from her childhood and adolescence look today accompanied with memories of experiences she gained there. Stephanie is particularly interested in the transformation process of spaces. A former lost space can be discovered, occupied, reused and thereby may become a vivid space and place for new experiences. 

Lost in Time 

Lost in Time by Julia Patey is an aural extension to Stephanie Neumann’s photo series Lost in Space. Sound Engineer: Sean Black.

Look. Listen. Get lost.

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